Bunnyhop is a new FREE mobile game for Android

Bunnyhop was made in Estonia!


Bunnyhop is a mobile game, which is developed by one person - Paul Sokk.

This game is made keeping in mind simplicity and fun.

Bunnyhop is meant for anyone who wants to have casual fun beating their own best scores and their friends'. It isn't a violent game, so people from all ages are welcome to play it and have fun.

This page is part of a long dream of making fun games.

My very first actual game.

Bunnyhop is being developed in Unity engine and will be released first on Android and then on iOS.

All user feedback is very welcome, because improvements and support are planned after the game is released.

Bunnyhop game concept, 3D models, textures, design, scripting, marketing etc is all made by Paul Sokk.

Music for the game is made by T├Ánis Nerep.

Bunnyhop is meant to be a simple but fun game.

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