Ajujaht Is Over for Me

I attended a local start-up accelerator program called Ajujaht. Unfortunately, the jury decided not to select Mechanical Difficulties to be one of the TOP 30 ideas that were presented there, so for me, this season of Ajujaht is over. Judging by the title and the introduction of this post, you might think this is a sad post. Not really. I’m glad for the experience I received and the people I met. I’m just unhappy I didn’t get to do it…

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Joining the Local Accelerator Program – Ajujaht

My latest business endeavors have gotten me to take part in a local start-up accelerator program called Ajujaht. In this post, I will share with you how I came to partake in it and what has happened so far. At the beginning of October, I attended a local entrepreneurship event called Tallinna Ettevõtluspäev. In the midst of listening to different talks, I noticed a familiar booth in the hallway. It read “Ajujaht” – and I immediately remembered my grandmother encouraging me…

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