Mechanical Difficulties: Game Development Update #7

Time has come to share with you the amazingness we have been working on lately. We have uploaded another game development update on our youtube channel – this time it’s already the 7TH GAME DEVELOPMENT UPDATE! Download: Try Mechanical Difficulties for free!!!   New Looks In this new version, we have put a lot of effort into making MD look more complete all around. Previously there were a lot of white objects in the game like players, weapons, buildings etc.…

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Game Development Update #3

Project Number 2: Mechanical Difficulties has changed quite a bit from the last time I wrote a development update post. This current one, in fact, might seem a bit confusing if you didn’t read my last post, where I wrote about the game’s core features. To sum the mentioned post up – I’m creating a game that is a hybrid of RTS and FPS style. It will play similarly to RTS in that you can build a city, gather resources and…

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