Gamified Marketing Solutions

Gamified Marketing Solutions

Engage your customers with a marketing minigame.


Why market with a minigame?

There are a great number of benefits to choosing to market with a video game...


Pricing plans

All prices and options are taylored to match your company's needs, but below are the prices we take as a base.

800€ EUR, starting from + VAT
  • Compatible with all mobile devices
  • Choose any game from a collection of our options
  • Use the game as much as you want
  • You are free to host it at your own website
  • One iteration of game art, matching your business
1000€ EUR, starting from + VAT
  • * Includes all of the features from minimal
  • Collecting player's contact information
  • Basic statistics about player's behaviour
  • Up to three iterations of custom game art
  • Top 100 player's scoreboard
2500€ EUR, starting from + VAT
  • * Includes all of the features from Standard
  • Fully custom game design according to your vision
  • Advanced statistics about player's behaviour
  • Unlimited iterations of custom game art
  • You own the game's source code
  • Possibility to create a 3D game

Example game types

When choosing Minimal or Standard pricing plan you can choose from a wide range of simple game types. Below we display a few of them to give you an idea.


Catching and avoiding falling objects

A casual game where the user tries to catch the good falling objects while avoiding the bad falling objects.

Try this game here!


Flappy bird

A survival game where the player presses on the screen to make the character flap their wings and jump. The game is endless and the goal is to fly as far as possible without touching the ground and the obstacles.



A puzzle game where you can swap object positions on the board to create a kine of 3 or more of the same objects. Creating those lines makes the line disappear, rewarding the player with points.

Advanced 3D game example

Try this 3D cannon game to see what an advanced game found look like. (Built for playing on computers)


Game Development Experts

A team of highly-skilled Unity developers with a wide range of experience from mobile to web to PC to XR game development.


What games do we make?

We have experience with a wide variety of games. And if we haven't made anything similar before, we are happy to get that experience.

Computer games

Mobile games

Multiplayer games

Educational games

Web games

VR/AR games

Want to know more?

Reach out to us and let's have a chat.