How to Automate Your Sales Process: Digital Configurators for Modular Products

  • August 16, 2023
  • Paul Sokk
  • 4 min read

In today’s fast-paced business landscape, staying ahead of the competition requires innovative approaches to engage customers and streamline processes. That means using all the modern tools at your disposal to engage your audience and automate your sales process. One such innovative tool that has been gaining momentum is digital configurators. These powerful tools are transforming the way companies sell modular products by automating the sales process and providing customers with interactive and personalized experiences. In this article, we will delve into the world of digital configurators and explore how they can revolutionize your sales strategy.

What are Digital Configurators?

Digital configurators are interactive online platforms that allow customers to customize modular products according to their preferences and requirements. Whether it’s designing furniture, selecting car features, or choosing building components, configurators empower customers to create their ideal products virtually. This level of customization not only increases customer satisfaction but also expedites the sales process.

Configurators are often best to be running on your business’s website, but they can also be built natively for desktop computers, mobile devices, or consoles.

Personalization at Scale

Gone are the days of one-size-fits-all products. Customers today seek products that resonate with their unique tastes and needs. With digital configurators, you can offer a range of customizable options, from colors and materials to sizes and functionalities. This level of personalization creates a sense of ownership, making customers more likely to convert from browsing to buying.

Simplified Decision-Making

Choosing the right product can be overwhelming, especially when presented with numerous options. Digital configurators simplify this decision-making process by visually displaying each customization choice in real-time. Customers can instantly see how their choices affect the final product, helping them make informed decisions without confusion or doubt.

Immediate Visual Feedback

One of the standout advantages of digital configurators is the immediate visual feedback they provide. As customers make changes to their configurations, they can see the product’s appearance evolving in real-time. This visual representation bridges the gap between imagination and reality, fostering a deeper connection with the product.

Speeding Up the Sales Cycle

Traditional sales processes often involve back-and-forth communication between customers and sales representatives. With digital configurators, customers can explore product variations independently, reducing the need for extensive communication. This helps you automate and accelerates the sales cycle, allowing customers to finalize their purchases faster.

Enhanced Customer Engagement

Digital configurators aren’t just transactional tools; they’re engagement engines. The interactive nature of configurators captivates customers, encouraging them to spend more time on your website. This extended engagement not only increases the likelihood of a sale but also improves brand loyalty and customer satisfaction.

Data-Driven Insights

Beyond the customer experience, digital configurators offer valuable insights into customer preferences and trends. By analyzing the choices customers make within the configurator, you can gain actionable data to refine your product offerings and marketing strategies.

Implementation and Integration

Integrating digital configurators into your website might sound complex, but with the right development team, the process can be seamless. Collaborate with professionals who specialize in interactive web design and user experience to ensure that your configurator is user-friendly and optimized for various devices.


In the era of personalized experiences, automating your sales process through digital configurators can be a game-changer. By offering customers the ability to customize modular products to their specifications, you not only enhance customer engagement but also streamline the path from interest to purchase. With the potential to revolutionize your sales strategy and improve customer satisfaction, embracing digital configurators might just be the competitive edge your business needs to thrive in today’s dynamic market.

To get your own custom configurator, reach out to us, and we will build you one that perfectly fits your business’s needs.