Gamedev Vlogs – Changing the Approach

  • February 20, 2018
  • Paul Sokk
  • 1 min read

…seems like it is aimed towards an audience that is more interested in game development and computers than games.” That is how my friend Kardo described my blog and the game’s latest playable version. I am thankful to him. He and some of Gary Vaynerchuk’s videos made me realize this is not about me, it is about you. Yes, you reading this right now. That is why me, being mere words on a white background, is not enough. It has to be more personal.

I’m going video

This is going to be weird as hell but I’m gonna try this. I’m gonna set up a camera, some lights, write down some notes…. aaaand ACTION!!!

You can expect a game development update soon. In the new format this time. 🙂