Diving into the unknown

  • October 20, 2017
  • Paul Sokk
  • 2 min read

Riding in the bus that so many times took me to the office before. This time I have cake with me to celebrate, with my colleagues, the start of the next chapter in my life.

Today it’s different of course because it’s my last day there. And I realize I’m starting something that I have no experience with – launching a successful business. It won’t be easy, I don’t expect it to be, that’s why I don’t plan to rush this. I want to do it smart.

My objective is to find funding for my game development project in 6 months, build a team and launch a studio.

To find an investor or get crowdfunding for my project I will have to be competent in two areas – game development and running a business. I already have some experience with the first because I launched an endless-runner type of 3d adventure game on Google Play and AppStore in 2015 called Bunnyhop. Of course, there is a lot to improve on, I know that. The second, running a business is something I have to learn a lot about. That is why from the 15 books I’m planning to read, about 11 were picked to teach me how to run a business.

I believe because of that, this blog could possibly be of use or at least be interesting to any entrepreneur reader.