4 Tips That Will Help Your Startup Succeed

From recently failing my biggest project so far, I learned 4 things that I happened to do right. These 4 tips got me much closer to my objective of raising funds and eventually coming to market with my product. The following list might look unusual compared to other top tips lists on a similar topic floating around the web. That’s because I don’t like giving advice that hasn’t proven to work with me or things I haven’t tried out myself.…

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6 Mistakes That Will Make Your Startup Fail

I recently shut down a project I spent 1,5 years working on, and I decided to point out the 6 mistakes I made that made my startup fail. I was trying to build a video game called Mechanical Difficulties. A game that combined the first-person shooter genre with the real-time strategy genre. The plan was to find financial support from several investors while building the game. If you haven’t been following this blog so far, the result of a 1,5-year…

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