My Self-Funding Situation

“Looking at my savings account I have no other option but to admit to myself I’m running out of money…” That is how I started a blog post a few weeks ago. I had realized that my savings were running out before reaching my 6-month goal. So I was going to need to look around for ways to earn some cash. Fortunately, I’m in a position where I don’t need much to get by. My monthly costs are low because…

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What Being a Game Developer Means to Me

If you are reading my blog chances are high you’ve heard about the huge amounts of money some lucky indie game developers have made (let’s take Notch for example). In fact, for years now game development industry revenue has exceeded the movie and music industry. That does not mean every released game makes millions, but with enough luck and with doing things right, there is money to be made. This is not why I’m doing this. To be honest, for many…

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