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What’s Going on with Mechanical Difficulties?!

I’m happy to be back to update you on what has recently changed around Mechanical Difficulties. I bet you’ll love what’s about to come and what has happened since the last update. While looking for investors I’ve shied away from writing new blog posts. I’ve lately dove deep into the pitching world and constantly try to perfect my game. But until I have results to show, I don’t feel comfortable teaching you the approach I’m taking. I just can’t know…

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The Grind – Don’t Lose Yourself In It

As the six-month deadline approaches, so does the Game Dev Days conference. The event that marks the end of my goal. I will be showcasing my game’s prototype there and will be getting feedback from all sorts of people. Ranging from students, who are just interested in game dev, to business men, who run their own million dollar companies. To be able to present a game that doesn’t just kamikaze itself in the first 5 minutes, I’ve been dragging two laptops to…

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