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Preparing for the Investment

I haven’t written a blog post for long. When I look back now it seems it has even been a whole month. And even longer since I updated you about the progress of the project. As much as I like writing these blog posts I have been grinding hard to meet a deadline I set myself. I want to raise the first round of investment for Venomite Studios during this August. The bad approach A month ago I was already…

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Mechanical Difficulties in Estonian Game Development Magazine

To be honest, this is a story that could have been told a lot earlier. But because I didn’t have any pictures to show you back then or was too busy preparing for Game Dev Days, I’m going to tell it now. The one and only magazine where you can read about the Estonian game development achievements and ongoing projects – Estonian Gamedev Magazine. It is printed only twice a year and I got to write a big article there for…

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